Electric share bikes of Gobike now available in Krimpen aan den IJssel

Krimpen aan den IJssel has the newest addition to the Gobike Rotterdam network. June 21, the municipality officially opened their first dockingstation for the electric Gobikes. The share bikes can be found at the Krimpen busstation, next to the bicycle parking facility at the Albert Schweitzerlaan. 

The dockingstation in Krimpen is the fourteenth location of Gobike Rotterdam. In the inner city the white share bikes with touchscreen tablets can be found since last year, for example at Rotterdam Central station, at the Boijmans Van Beuningen museum, next to the Market Hall and Cube Houses and at both sides of the Erasmus Bridge. This spring, dockingstations at the east side of Rotterdam have been added, among which locations at the metro stations Rotterdam Alexander, Kralingse Zoom and Capelsebrug.

Electric bikes for everyone

Wethouder de Leeuw van gemeente Krimpen aan den IJssel probeert een Gobike tijdens de opening.
Alderman De Leeuw tries a Gobike.

Arnold de Leeuw, alderman for mobility, is pleased with the first Gobike dockingstation in Krimpen (translation): “People in Krimpen can now use electric bicycles for their travels in a very accessible way. With such a bike, you cycle easily from the Krimpen bus station to destinations in Krimpen and the ‘Stormpolder’. The center of Rotterdam and Rotterdam Alexander are also better accessible now.”

In ten minutes to Capelsebrug metro station

From the new location at Krimpen, you can travel by Gobike to metro station Capelsebrug in about ten minutes. So now there is a good connection between Krimpen and the metro network of Rotterdam. Also an option is to cycle all the way to the inner city of Rotterdam. In about half an hour, you can cycle from Krimpen to the dockingstation at the entrance of the Cube Houses. Generally, you find the Gobike dockingstations at important public transport locations, Park and Rides and all sorts of popular destinations in and around Rotterdam.

Sign up at Gobike Rotterdam

Do you live in Krimpen and do you want to subscribe? You can do so here. With a subscription costing €15,-, you have access to the Gobike Rotterdam system for one year. Costs: 3 cents a minute for cycling and 1 cent a minute for parking during a ride. You can start and end your trip at any dockingstation of Gobike Rotterdam.

All locations of Gobike Rotterdam can be found here.