Financial problems for Gobike Nederland

Recently, the court has granted deferral of payment to Gobike Nederland, the company that runs the system of electric sharebikes in and around Rotterdam. At August 7, Gobike Rotterdam has been declared bankrupt.

Gobike has been in operation in Rotterdam since 2017. In recent years, the company worked on a steady expansion of the number of bicycles and dockingstations in Rotterdam and surroundings. Unfortunately, the necessary development towards a larger system could not be achieved. Jeffrey Dost, CEO of Gobike Nederland states:

“The Gobike concept has proven itself in recent years as a unique mobility concept. Gobike has offered its customers a comfortable and efficient mobility service, which has proven it’s value as a system on it’s own and as part of the public transport system. Gobike has also distinguished itself by implementing intelligent digital technologies, such as “Talking Traffic”. This is a technology whereby the bikes communicate with traffic lights, so customers are offered an even better mobility service. ”

At the moment, administrator Robert van Moorsel is in dialogue with all stakeholders and potential candidates for a takeover. The latter is a possibility, says Van Moorsel (source, translated from Dutch): “We are already in contact with potential successors. There is a lot of interest. It is a nice concept and you have few electric competitors (sharebike systems with e-bikes, red). Moreover, the city is perfectly suited for such a system, with the large distances and excellent bike paths. ”

We want to thank all our customers for the confidence they have placed in us in recent years. We also thank all partners for their trust and good cooperation.

Unfortunately, since August 7, it is no longer possible to start trips as a Gobike customer. Do you have questions regarding this message? Then contact Gobike via e-mail.