Gobike dockingstations at Blaak, Museumpark and Wilhelminakade

This autumn, Gobike Rotterdam expanded with three dockingstations. In addition to the existing dockingstations, there are now Gobikes at metro station Blaak (Kolk), Museumpark and Wilhelminakade.

Central locations in Rotterdam

In addition to these locations, the dockingstation at Kratonkade – next to the RTV Rijnmond building – soon will be fully operational (this dockingstation is in function since Januari 29, 2018). The new locations are strategically chosen, all places where many people travel to or from. The dockingstation at Museumpark is right in front of Museum Boijmans van Beuningen. You will find the Gobikes at the intersection with the Melkkoppad, very close to the Erasmus MC.

Blaak metro station (Kolk) is another new dockingstation, central in the city. Our electric sharebikes are standing just opposite to the main entrance of the ‘Kubuswoningen’. The popular ‘Markthal’ is just at the other side of the square.

Furthermore, the Erasmus Bridge now has two dockingstations: one at the Willemsplein on the north side (at the tram stop Willemsplein) and the new one at the Wilhelminakade on the south side. The latter is located at the intersection with the Holland Amerikakade and next to the entrance of metro station Wilhelminaplein.

Dockingstations throughout the city

Gobike uitleenstation Kratonkade

This expansion is part of a larger roll-out across the entire city. In the coming years, we plan to grow to a sharebike system throughout Rotterdam and surrounding cities, at Park & Rides and in the harbour area. Before that, Gobike Rotterdam runs on a smaller scale, starting in and around the city center and at Park & Ride locations.

Generally, you will find our sharebikes at museums and tourist attractions, at public transport hubs (such as RET and Waterbus) and other places where many people travel to. Gobikes can also be placed at specific company locations.

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