Gobike Rotterdam is in operation!

Since August 1, 2017, Gobike Rotterdam is in operation. That means you can sign up as a user by creating an account and choosing a subscription.

In addition to the existing dockingstations located at Rotterdam Centraal and Willemsplein, there will soon be new dockingstations at the Wilhelminakade, Blaak (Kolk), Museumpark and Kratonkade (at RTV Rijnmond)

Initially, there will be about 50 sharebikes in these 6 dockinstations. Following this phase, we will expand  to more locations and more sharebikes this autumn.

Fine grid of dockingstations

Our goal is to create a fine grid of dockingstations in the city and region of Rotterdam, with various locations in the city center, but also at P+R locations, in the harbour area and in surrounding municipalities. This year we will expand to hundreds of Gobike locations on streets in the Rotterdam area.


Now the first dockingstations are installed and in operation, everyone can use our Gobikes. Signing up as a user is easy. Just fill in the form and choose a subscription plus a payment methode and you are good to go. With a yearly subscription costing €15 (registration fee) you can cycle for 3 cents a minute.

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