How to keep Rotterdam livable and accessible?

Rotterdam is a beautiful city that is used by many people. But it is getting busier as more and more traffic is expected in the coming years. People travel through the city for work, for school, as visitors or tourists. We all – the city of Rotterdam and everyone for that matter –  have to rethink urbanization and mobility.

How do we make sure everyone can travel through Rotterdam quick and easy? And what is the role of Gobike?

Gobike and Smart Mobility

The tablets on the handlebars of a Gobike offer multiple options for smart mobility. The map of Rotterdam and the navigation are nice examples, but there is also the possibility to have the tablet communicate with traffic lights. “The goal is to make the city accessible, livable, but also safe, despite increasing traffic, and if you think for a moment, this is just the beginning.”

In this video Pim of BAM Infra shows what Gobike sharebikes contribute to a livable and accessible Rotterdam.

More information: BAM Infra