More dockingstations for Gobike in and around Rotterdam

Gobike Rotterdam installed seven new dockingstations in the past few months. There are new dockingstations at several metrostations and Park and Rides, especially east of the inner city. Together with the existing locations, there are now fourteen dockingstations in use. 

New locations are located primarily at metrolines A, B and C, direction De Terp (Capelle) and Binnenhof / Nesselande. You can find them at metrostation Oostplein, metrostation and P+R Kralingse Zoom, metrostation and P+R Capelsebrug and (metro)station and P+R Rotterdam Alexander. The Gobike locations are well connected to public transport hubs, P+R locations and popular destinations. Travellers now have a new and flexible option for their last-mile transport at several transport nodes.

Towards a city-regional transport system

Een van de nieuwe uitleenstations, bij metrostation OostpleinThe dockingstation at Capelsebrug offers a first location for Capelle aan den IJssel, on the border with Rotterdam. From this location, destinations in Capelle are easily accessable. Together with the dockingstations at Krimpen aan den IJssel and Transferium Maasvlakte, we make a start with building a Gobike network in the whole city region.

For example, with the electric Gobikes you can ride from Krimpen to the nearest metrostation, Capelsebrug, fast and easy. But we also see people riding directly from Krimpen to the inner city of Rotterdam in about 25 minutes. In this way, Gobike offers a new and flexible (24/7) transport option to and from the inner city of Rotterdam.

New dockingstations in and around Rotterdam

Other dockingstations we added, are located on the Hoofdweg near the Bastion Hotel, not far from the Kralingse Bos, and near Diergaarde Blijdorp at the Bentincklaan in Rotterdam Noord. And there is more to come. We will keep adding locations at the Gobike nework in Rotterdam and and adjacent cities.

Click here for all locations of Gobike Rotterdam.

Map: Gobike locations (June 2018)

Gobike uitleenstations, stand begin juli 2018 (niet op de kaart: uitleenstation Transferium Maasvlakte). Kaartgegevens © 2018 Google.
Gobike dockingstations, June 2018 (not on the map: dockingstation Transferium Maasvlakte). Map data © 2018 Google.