New Gobike Dockingstation at the Kratonkade

Since the end of Januari, the new Gobike dockingstation at the Kratonkade in Rotterdam is fully operational.  

The dockingstation has room for twelve bikes and is located next to the RTV-Rijnmond building, overlooking the Schiehaven. The Kratonkade is part of the Lloydkwartier in the Schiemond district. The Lloydkwartier is a neighborhood surrounded by water. You will find creative companies here, along with nice restaurants and cafés. 

Dockingstations in Rotterdam

You can ride to and end a trip at the Kratonkade from every dockingstation in Rotterdam. Other dockingstations in Rotterdam are located at Rotterdam Central station, Blaak station (Kolk), Museumpark, Willemsplein and Wilhelminakade. This year, more locations will be added.

Overzichtskaart Gobike Rotterdam
Gobike dockingstations in Rotterdam

Try a Gobike

Do you want to try and use the Gobikes at the Kratonkade? Then sign up as a user by creating a Gobike account and choose a subscription. After paying for any registration costs, you can log in via the tablet screen of a Gobike and start a ride.