Privacy Policy

Policy on Personal Data

When the user creates or changes a profile and / or uses the website and related services, Gobike registers and uses data of the user.

Security of the user’s personal data is very important to Gobike.

Described below is how Gobike deals with personal data. It is indicated which data is recorded and stored, what the data is used for, how long it is stored and whether the data is shared with others.

Which personal data is recorded?

Gobike records name, username, email address and other data that is used during the sign up procedure via the website.

What is the personal data used for?

The user’s personal data is used to handle reservations and other orders, to take care of complaints and questions, to send newsletters and to contact the user in case the user or Gobike needs to do so.

During the creation of a profile by the user, the user declares to be in agreement with receiving information and data concerning all Gobike services. User indicates this by placing a check mark at the acceptance of the general Terms and Conditions during the sign up process.

Is personal data shared with others?

In some circumstances, user’s personal data that is being used via the website, is provided to third parties. The data is only provided to parties that are necessary for providing the services to the user.

Users personal data is shared:

  • with suppliers and parties Gobike cooperates with for the operation of the company (e.g. suppliers of services or parts of services, parties that offer technical support and financial institutions);
  • in relation to sales, orders and / or other transfers of information via the website;
  • if required by relevant laws and regulations (now and in the past) and / or a court order.

In the case of a takeover of Gobike, or an acquisition of other companies by Gobike, user’s personal data can be shared with these parties. Of course with due observance of what is described in this document with respect to user’s personal data.

How long will personal data be stored?

User’s personal data is stored for as long as necessary to provide the services as requested by user, or as long as required by law, after which the personal data is deleted.

What precautions have been taken?

Precautions against manipulation of, loss of, destruction of or unauthorized access of user’s personal data, have been taken.

Precautions are regularly revised, in accordance with the latest technological developments.

Which right with respect to personal data does the user have under Dutch law?

The User’s rights under Dutch law with respect to personal data are described in the General Data Protection Regulation (Algemene verordening gegevensbescherming, AVG), effective the 25th of May 2018. More information can be found at the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens).

Can Gobike change its privacy policy?

Gobike reserves the right to change its privacy policy at any time. Changes will be made visible by placing the modified Terms & Conditions on the website. The general Terms & Conditions are dated. User automatically and implicitly agrees to the latest version of the Terms & Conditions and any changes as long as the user uses the website and its services.

Cookies may use personal data of the user. Read the policy regarding cookies for information.

Policy on Cookies

A cookie is a small file that is shared by a website and stored on a computer or electronic device with a memory unit. Cookies contain information that improves communication between the browser and the website. Cookies are a standard internet technology, used on and by the websites of Gobike.

Gobike can only read the cookies of user’s electronic devices that Gobike has placed itself. Cookies placed by other websites can not be received or read by Gobike.

Gobike uses different types of cookies for the improvement of services and to provide customized services to the user. Gobike also uses cookies for the optimization of traffic on and between websites.

Cookie data helps Gobike to improve the content of its website and services. This information can be shared with Gobike’s business partners as well as other third parties.

Basically there are two types of cookies: temporary and permanent. Temporary cookies are only used during the current visit of website and are automatically deleted when user closes the web browser. Permanent cookies are stored on the user’s electronic device without being removed by the Website.

Permanent cookies may be automatically deleted after a certain period of time (e.g. 180 days), but will be renewed each time the user uses the website.

Other websites may place cookies via the website on the electronic device of the user. Gobike allows the placing of cookies by Google Inc. for the purposes of Google Analytics.

Which cookies are used by Gobike and for what purpose?

Google Analytics cookies are used for research and reporting regarding the visitors and use of the website, whereby the cookie data is shared without the user’s ID. The cookies are deleted after 365 days, whereby the cookies and its expiry date are renewed on every visit to the website.

How can user prevent or remove cookies?

It is possible at all times to refuse possible cookies from the browser used by the user. In the browser user can indicate whether cookies should be accepted, rejected or deleted.

Help pages from the most common browsers as well as Adobe Flash are listed below. If the shortcut buttons do not function, the user is requested to consult the help pages of their browser.

Acceptance of cookies

Gobike uses cookies for statistical purposes and improvements of the user experience concerning Website and related services, including:

  • Recognize user from previous visits to website;
  • Complete the purchase of services and products via website;
  • Allow User to use the “My Rides” functionality on the website;
  • Offer information in pop-ups with descriptive texts that has not yet been seen by the user;
  • Let user participate in competitions in which user may participate once;
  • Collect statistical data concerning the use of the e-bike and website;
  • Investigate improvements in customer satisfaction by, for example, asking questions.