Rivium in Capelle gets new Gobike dockingstation

Alderman Dick van Sluis from Capelle aan den IJssel opened the first Gobike dockingstation in Capelle as well as the new (transport) Information Center in Rivium. The electric sharebikes are located not far from the final stop of the ParkShuttle Track, the selfdriving electric buses that ride to and from the nearest metro station Rotterdam Kralingse Zoom.

New information center on sustainable transport

Alderman Van Sluis came by Gobike with Jeffrey Dost (Gobike Netherlands) to open the first Gobike dockingstation in Capelle and the new information center on sustainable transport. Jeffrey Dost: “We are very happy with this Gobike location. Here we can show the value of the sustainable mobility of Gobikes in relation to the public transport network in a residential and business environment.” Roger Demkes of the Verkeersonderneming adds: “As Verkeersonderneming we are proud that this project, which started from the Marketplace for Infrastructure, is making good progress and keeps up the pace.”

Innovative district

According to the alderman, Capelle Rivium is the most innovative district in Capelle: “The expansion of the ParkShuttle Track with extra stops means we are leading the way in not only the Netherlands, but actually all over the world.” The ParkShuttle in Capelle will soon, after expansion, be the first selfdriving public transport vehicle on the public road. Entrepreneurs, residents and other stakeholders can visit the Information Center on the Rivium Boulevard every Thursday from 12.00 to 14.00 PM for information about all developments in the area regarding transport. Rivium is transforming offices into housing and so becomes a modern district of Capelle aan den IJssel, where residents can live, work, relax and recreate.

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