RTH Airport has a new Gobike dockingstation

Since April 2019, the new Gobike dockingstation at Rotterdam The Hague Airport is in use. At the nearby metrostration Meijersplein you will also find a Gobike dockingstation. It’s a clever and new 24/7 transport option for RTH Airport.

To Rotterdam by electric sharebike

From the Airportplein, you cycle in about 8 minutes from RTH Airport to the dockingstation at Metro Meijersplein. From there you have a great metro connection to the city center and the south of Rotterdam. Taking the metro to Delft and The Hague is also an option. Perhaps even more convenient is to take a Gobike and travel directly to your final destination. In fifteen minutes cycling you are at Rotterdam Central Station, in just under 25 minutes at the Erasmus Bridge. A nice detail is that most often cycling is a lot faster than public transport.

Flexible 24/7 transport

At RTH Airport and the Business Park there are activities 24 hours a day. All the more reason for the airport to have a flexible 24/7 transport option like electric sharebikes, especially for those late or early moments in a day without public transport. With the pedal assistance and navigation at the bike’s tablet, you can travel to your destination anywhere in Rotterdam in no time.

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